About the data access portal


Minnesota Public Health Data Access (Data access portal) portal is an online data resource designed to provide public access to Minnesota environmental public health data including environmental risk factors and health. Information may be presented as interactive charts and figures, maps, custom tables generated using a query tool, or County profiles across a range of environmental health indicators. In many cases, data are available to download.

MN Data information may be used to:

  • Help people and communities make healthy choices

  • Protect children, the environment, and future generations

  • Track and evaluate the effectiveness of public health actions and policy

    MN Data portal was created and is maintained by the MN Environmental Public Health Tracking Program at the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). The goal is to support MDH’s mission to protect, maintain and improve the health of all Minnesotans by providing timely, high-quality data to the public.

  • Children’s health data, birth defects, immunizations and lead exposure.
  • Environmental exposures and hazards, like air and drinking water quality or lyme disease.
  • Health behaviors and risk factors, like smoking, obesity and poverty.
  • Healthy home information, like carbon monoxide or second-hand smoke.

Plans include updates to county and sub-county data, adding new years of data (where data are available) and additional interactive maps. New topic areas and measures are explored and added each year.

MDH uses a systematic evaluation process to determine which new data topics will be added or expanded. Certain topics on the MN Data portal are available on the CDC National Environmental Public Health Tracking portal, which enables comparisons of standardized environmental health indicators.

Detailed information is available for each topic area (see “About the data” tab). These “About the data” pages provide important information to accurately interpret and communicate information about:

  • Data sources
  • Data limitations
  • Potential data uses

For examples, go to: About the asthma data or About the carbon monoxide poisoning data.

The Minnesota Public Health Data Access portal is updated continually to include additional data and features. If you would like to request data not on the portal or have comments about how we can improve this site, pleasecomplete the data request for found on the contact us page.

Summary-level data is provided at the state and county level. Some Minnesota county data are not shown or are totaled to protect privacy. For example, query results for asthma hospitalizations in some Minnesota counties with small populations are not provided to protect the individual privacy of county residents.

Data suppression (data not shown) is explained in this Centers for Disease Control & Prevention's (CDC) podcast. MDH follows Minnesota statutes to protect data privacy, including the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act.

The following is an example of the preferred format for citations:

Minnesota Department of Health. (2014, July 8). Asthma Hospitalizations: Basic Facts & Figures. Accessed from MN Public Health Access Data portal https://data.web.health.state.mn.us/web/mndata/asthma_hosp. Retrieved April 2016.

To learn more about the portal or provide comments, please contact us.