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Environmental public health data can be used to inform policies, change behavior and help communities uncover issues to develop solutions and protections for the hazards, exposures and socioeconomic factors that influence our health. Search here to find environmental issues, trends, geographic patterns and disparities in Minnesota.

 Wildfires and air quality: a guide for children's health during outdoor activities

Wildfires can generate enormous amounts of smoke that produce poor air quality for Minnesota. Wildfires can make air unhealthy; children and youth are particularly vulnerable because their bodies are still developing and they breathe in more air than adults for their body weight. MDH created this outdoor air quality guide for schools and child care facilities statewide to help lower the risk of negative impacts to children’s health due to poor air quality events.

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Videos! How to use the environmental health data portal

Watching videos is a great way to learn. We have created "how-to" videos so visitors can effectively use the Minnesota Public Health Data Access portal. You can find a series of videos explaining portal features and navigation on the User's Guide page.

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