Carbon monoxide poisoning query


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State carbon monoxide poisoning emergency department visits

State carbon monoxide poisoning hospitalizations

Admit Year Sex Age Group Count Population Rate (per 100,000) 95% Confidence Interval

County carbon monoxide poisoning emergency department visits

County carbon monoxide poisoning hospitalizations

County Admit Year Count Population Age-Adjusted Rate (per 100,000) Age-Adjusted 95% Confidence Interval Compared to Minnesota

UR = Unstable Rate. Rates based on numerators less than or equal to 20 may be unstable and should be interpreted with caution.

*To protect an individual's privacy, hospitalizations and ED visit counts from 1 to 5 are suppressed if the underlying population is less than or equal to 100,000.

Note: This table includes only carbon monoxide poisoning events that are unintentional and non-fire related.

** Person-years is equal to the sum of the population for each year.

For counts that are not whole numbers: We report counts by county, but receive them by zip code and some zip codes cross county borders. When that happens, we use a population-weighted method to split the case and assign a portion of it to each county. This is more accurate than assigning the whole count to only one county in the zip code.