Pesticide poisoning hospitalizations

Unintentional, non-occupational pesticide poisoning hospitalizations in MN:


In general, hospitalization rates for pesticide poisonings are very low.

Rates based on counts less than 20 are unstable should be interpreted in caution: they may not provide reliable estimates to evaluate trends over time.


Males age 15 to 34, and age 65 and older, are hospitalized at a higher rate than other age/sex categories, but not significantly higher. Overall, males are hospitalized for pesticide poisoning more than females. This may be because males are more likely to use pesticides.


Because hospitalizations for pesticide poisoning are so uncommon, it is difficult to measure the differences between regions. There are no significant differences between regions. The Southwest region has a higher rate and the West Central the lowest rate.


Last updated May 2024. Topic is updated as data becomes available.