Medicaid dental service use
All ages

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County Claim year Age Group Program group Total enrollees (number) Enrollees served (number) Enrollees served (percent)

Source: Minnesota Department of Human Services. Minnesota Health Care Programs Dental Services Recipients by County of Residence and Age.

A dental service is any diagnostic, preventive, or treatment service provided by or under the supervision of a dentist. The data represents dental service use among all Minnesota Health Care Program (i.e., Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare) recipients ages up to 100 years during the calendar year (January 1 through December 31) as determined by dental claims submitted by a licensed DHS provider. Data in years 2012 through 2013 represent paid dental claims only, while calendar years 2014 and beyond represent paid, unpaid, or denied dental claims.

**Indicates data suppression due to small numbers (5 or less).

For more information: About the Data: Medicaid Dental Claims